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Tuesday - Friday


Free Wifi Available

Sit down, take out, or curbside pickup

Call in orders at 515.275.4434

The Well at Water’s Edge Community Church is a cozy spot where you can unwind with a cup of coffee and a tasty bakery treat. This simple pleasure can bring a touch of joy to your day, especially when shared with loved ones. It provides a cozy and welcoming space for connecting with friends and family over a cup of coffee, creating memorable and meaningful moments.


We offer a low-cost drink of exceptional taste and quality. We are a non-profit coffee shop and all of our proceeds are used for local community missions.

We Serve a Full Menu of...

Coffee Drinks, hot and cold

Espresso, hot and cold

Non-Coffee Drinks, hot and cold

Fruit Smoothies


Breakfast Sandwiches

Baked Goods

Where first we make you coffee... then we make you family!

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