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Rob Ramirez is the pastor of Water’s Edge Community Church, a place you can feel at home.  Rob’s unique approach to ‘keepin' it real and keepin' it right’ to sharing the Word of God is unwavering and without compromise. His authentic practical teaching is appealing to all generations and walks of life and is igniting the church to be a light to those around us. 

Rob is a native of Fond du Lac, WI where he grew up as a blue-collar worker in manufacturing and progressed in management.  His ministry career did not stem from being a generational pastor but instead lived a life that was not honoring to God for many years until one day he met a pastor who taught him about the unconditional love and forgiveness of Jesus Christ. He began working with a youth ministry program on the streets of Milwaukee and God began a new work in his life. He had known since a young boy that he was called by God but for most of his young adult life was not interested in living a surrendered life to God. He can mostly relate to Jonah in the Bible…. going in the opposite direction of where God wanted him to go.  Thankfully God had greater plans for his life and sounded the call to ministry in his heart and instructed him that he was to use his gifts to inspire, teach and equip others with God’s Word to all that would hear. 

Rob has been married to his best friend and life partner, Rhonda, for 22 years.  They are very active and intentional about ministry and are excited to share an unconditional love, a commitment to serving, relational and relatable spiritual leadership and a passion for impacting a community with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. 

Pastor Rob and Rhonda love spending time with family and friends, watching the Green Bay Packers and long car rides together. 


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